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The Race Group Bicester based company Grayline Coaches reported significant visible benefits following a switch to fully synthetic Castrol lubricants within their fleet. Workshop Manager Geoff Willoughby first noticed improvements when changing from mineral gear oil in an Allison gear box to fully synthetic Castrol Transmax Z.

‘Initially we had feedback from the drivers, we heard that vehicles had to be filled up with fuel less frequently, with noticeable improvements in driving performance - gear changes were much smoother.’

‘We started with gear oils, then moved to fully synthetic engine oil…..we’re now ordering Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 in bulk. After experimenting with one vehicle, we now have everything running on it, even our 1979 Bedford which has an 18 year old Cummings engine. We’ve made the changes across the board.’
Geoff Willoughby (Workshop Manager)

Workshop Manager Geoff says the changes they have made have saved Grayline 6 Litres of fuel per day per vehicle.

Making the total savings on the annual fuel bill per year = £38,058

6 L x 6 days x 19 vehicles in the fleet x 52 weeks/year x £1.07 (average ppL of fuel) = £38,058 savings per year Grayline also reported extended oil change intervals from 8,000 Km to 24,000 Km, therefore from once every three months to just one annual drain.

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